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SCB Member Types: See distinctions between the Full and Associate member type below. Note the Associate Member option is for those who may not fully identify with SCB's mission professionally or who are experiencing financial constraints. Please refrain from selecting this option if it doesn't align with your profile.

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Full Members receive all the benefits of membership, including discounts to publish in SCB journals and register for SCB conferences.

Full membership is for individuals working directly to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biodiversity, including conservation and social scientists, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, professors, and students who through their specialized conservation expertise and research contribute directly to biodiversity conservation.

SCB's mission relates directly to their expertise, career focus, or primary professional identity. They view SCB as a primary society in terms of professional development, networking, research, and involvement in the field of biodiversity conservation. 

Associate Members 
enjoy some overlapping benefits with full members, not including publishing and conference registration discounts.

The Associate Membership is for individuals adjacent to our community who, for various reasons, have not yet joined the Society; or for individuals who see SCB as their primary professional home, but cannot currently pay membership dues. Their work contributes in unique ways to the implementation of our mission, but they may perceive themselves on the periphery of the SCB network.

Community-adjacent individuals encompass a variety of backgrounds and value interdisciplinary collaborations with Full Members. SCB may not represent their primary professional identity, but their participation in SCB complements their work and advances biodiversity conservation.

Lifetime Membership Option: Lifetime members make a one-time investment (2500USD membership dues) to secure access to SCB's network and enjoy member benefits that extend throughout their lifetime. Lifetime members never need to renew and are recognized and celebrated for their lifetime commitment to SCB's mission. If you'd like to become a Lifetime Member, contact SCB at [email protected].

Questions? If you have questions or difficulty signing in/creating an account, please email [email protected].

SCB Refund Policy: Please note that SCB membership is non-refundable and non-transferable.