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Your donation empowers SCB Groups to advance the science and practice of conserving Earth's biological diversity in their respective regions or areas of focus and enhances collaboration among scientists and conservation stakeholders, including policy-makers and communities, to address key conservation issues. 
In Africa, most students pay for their graduate education and research. This creates a major barrier to quality education, which result in massive exodus of young and skilled experts to the Global North. In 2020, the SCB Africa Section started offering $500 research grants to six African graduate students. The awardees wrote to us sharing how the grant has made significant impact on their research. We are proud to have received over 130 applications for the 2022 African graduate student research grants. We have funding to support only six graduate students, but want to extend our efforts to support even more. Please support us by making a donation, so we can provide additional research grants. Whether it be $10, $20, $50 or $100, your donation can play a role in addressing biodiversity crisis in Africa. Donations can be made through Saturday, 22 October 2022. Kindly join us to raise a new generation of African scholars in biodiversity conservation!

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SCB Groups
SCB Groups implement the Society's mission and goals on a regional scale or on topical issues to achieve real conservation results. 

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Your donation provides critical support for SCB Groups to advance the science and practice of conserving biological diversity and to help nurture and train the next generation of conservation scientists. 

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